Tattoos – The Body Art

It’s a new world, same but completely different society. 21st century is seeing many forms of art, including tattoos. Nowadays, tattoos are no longer the symbol of rebellion and subculture like they were, and they go all the way back to ancient Egypt. Scientists have found markings on Egyptian and Nubian mummies from the 2000 B.C.E. Today, ink on a skin is more than just a symbol, it’s a way of artistic expression. I want to share with you several styles of tattooing that I found fascinating.

Watercolor tattooing is a quite new technique of tattooing, and one that literally brings an art form. Water-coloring creates more intense color compared to traditional tattooing, and it’s unique because of its rarity and look. With growing style like this, wearing tattoo means wearing art.

Traditional (known as American Traditional or Old School) is basically oldest form of tattooing (after ancient symbol and tribal, of course). Well constructed black outlines, a limited color palette with less detail and faultless precision, they stand out in modern world. Popular and traditional images for this style of tattooing are roses, hearts, skulls, daggers, eagles, etc.

Realism is tattoo that looks so real, that you think it’s a photograph on skin. It’s by far one of the most complicated styles  of tattooing for artists… and hardest for client’s wallet. But first, you need to find good artist and photo reference. Get ready to pay as much as you can for this kind of style, because you get what you pay for. Keep in mind that cheap tattoos in this style look pretty bad. You can look photos all over the internet, so suit yourself.

New School/Nu Skool is style influenced by graffiti, cartoon design, bright colors, exaggerated dimensions and futures. It’s common to see animals and popular culture icons. This tattoos can look very interesting, artistic and really amazing, especially sleeves and full back tattoos.

Japanese style is one of the most sacred style of tattooing. And it’s pretty old. This style includes strict detailed designs usually placed on larger areas, such as the arm or the back. Detailed designs are followed by strict rules, such as: coloring, positioning, direction, etc. This procedure is , what they call, tradition. Most popular tattoos in this style are dragons, lotus flowers and geishas. But tattoos like this can cost a fortune. Especially if the artist is good like Horiyoshi III, Jess Yen or Horichrio.

As a fan of tattoos and a person who has them, I  can tell you that it amazes me. You wonder what exactly? It amazes me how you can tell your idea to an artist, and what is close to your heart; and they can easily transform it into a piece of paper, and then on your skin. It amazes me that I will have artist’s craft every single day for the rest of my life. Or when I decide to do laser removal. Many people ask the same question, and I will try to give you the best answer I can, and the question is “Does getting tattoo hurts?” Well, yes, but it’s not like it’s that painful. This pain is more like slightly burning on your skin, and many people like that feeling of an ink and needle. It depends on area of your body where the tattoo is going to take place. Usually areas where you’re ticklish is going to hurt more, and areas sensitive to pain (like genital area).

If you are the person who’s fascinated by this art form and if you’re thinking about expressing yourself in this way, I fully support you. But first, just keep in mind, is that something you really want? And find a good artist.

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