The Best Blow Dry for Hair Like Kendall Jenner and Kate Middleton

Celebrities like Caitlyn and Kendall Jenner, Sarah Jessica Paker, or Kate Middleton are hair inspirations thanks to their lusciously blown out locks. Up till now though, it was the same old thing with your hair drying routine, flip your head upside down and blast it till it’s mostly dry, then come at it from all the angles until completely dry.
That may be the easy way but it’s not the right one. Here’s your quick guide for how to get the best blow dry for your hair type.

Kendall Jenner

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If your hair is stick straight like Kendall Jenner take the nozzle off your dryer before you blow dry. The nozzle is only going to mash down the cuticles of your hair even more and sap away your hair’s body. Instead to build body in use a mousse like the Luxurious Volume Thickening Mousse from John Frieda while you air your strands.
A heat protectant spray that adds shine is a must. Try Keratin Smooth Heat Protection Shine Spray from Tresemme. Give your hair a rough dry till it’s 85% dry then hit it with the dryer pointed downward to keep it shiny and sleek.

Sarah Jessica Parker

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If you’ve got Sarah Jessica Parker curls your problem is keeping your hair moisturized while you dry it to banish the dreaded frizz. Grasp individual curls in sections and twist them with a pump of Renewing Argan Oil of Morocco from OGX to give the structure of your curls a boost. Use a diffuser and work with your hair’s natural direction not against it.

Kate Middleton

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A thick mane of hair like Kate Middleton’s needs a light oil like the Split Remedy Sealing Serum from Tresemme applied through damp hair before you blow. Never dry upside down to begin with because the weight of your wet roots will drag down your attempts at volume on your crown.

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