The Gentle Giant and The Mini Canine: A Rare Companionship Between an Elephant and a Dog

Pick on someone your own size!

That is usually the statement that refers to a giant and a tiny figure. However, when looking into the story of the elephant and his loving companion, a dog, this is more of a gentle giant love affair where the saying does not apply whatsoever. Tarra is an elephant that resides in The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee, and Bella was her canine companion. The two were inseparable; the bond that grew between them had become so strong that Tarra was like Bella’s guardian in the sanctuary. However, things changed when Bella unfortunately passed away after a friendship that lasted a decade.


Once finding that her friend was gone, Tarra had gone into mourning her loss and went through her own grieving process. The story of Bella’s death is that she was attacked by coyotes, and it is unknown whether or not Tarra was there to witness something so traumatic. What is known is that there is speculation that Tarra found Bella’s body because where the workers at the sanctuary found Bella did not match where she died. They later checked under Tarra’s trunk and found traces of blood.  Talk about trauma for one creature with a giant heart.


It is a very interesting yet heartbreaking story to know that an elephant and a dog befriended each other, but the ending was left traumatic. This story is true proof that love is beyond size, and merely exceeds our predictions of who anyone could love. The greatest part about this story is the companionship between the two dogs, as it shows something more unique than a story of a cat and a dog together in friendship.

Watch below to see Tarra and Bella in action

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