Typographic Posters Of Pop Culture Icons By Ayse T. Werner

A professional illustrator and graphic designer Ayse T. Werner, once quit her job at the agency, where she worked for 4 years and decided to do what she was always attracted – photography and painting. Now she own a shop on Etsy under the name ‘Geek My WalL’. She is selling her minimalist illustration posters that are based on typography and design. Most of the characters are well-known characters of pop culture since she is a big fan of movies and tv shows. Results are amazing!
Check out Typographic Posters Of Pop Culture Icons By Ayse T. Werner.Don’t forget to visit her shop on ETSY. You would surely find your favourite character there!

Travis Bickle

Typographic Posters Neo


Jeff Bridges

Harrison Ford

Don Vito Corleone

Darth Vader

Clint Eastwood

Batman - Bruce Wayne

Audrey Hepburn

Arnold Schwarzenegger Terminator

Via: Ayse T. Werner on ETSY

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