Typography Art With Nature’s Elements By Julian Jones-Pittman

Julian Jones-Pittman is an art director and visual designer from Southern California. For his whole life he has been obsessed with art and design, always curious and experimental, while studying cultural trends of past and present. He has earned a BFA Graphic Design degree and a BA in Studio Art, emphasis in Illustration from California State University, Long Beach.
In this beautiful project called ‘’ Natural Impression – A Happening’’, Pittman played with leafs and small pebbles to write inspirational lines on the ground.
‘’ The typical nature of a designer is often described as pedantic, perfectionists, and very likely obsessive. Our intent is to demonstrate to the audience what designers are capable of: taking the meticulous task of organizing materials of which are uncontrollable and organic. Forms emerged out of loose materials found on the grounds of the urban landscape. Excess plant materials are arranged into letters or shapes to create a design, word, or message of expression to passersby.’’ By Julian Jones-Pittman.
Here is Typography Art With Nature’s Elements By Julian Jones-Pittman. Natural Impression credit: CSULB BFA Graphic Design students Tisha Boonyawatana, Satsuki Atsumi, Hai Pham, and Julian Jones-Pittman.

Typography Art

Via: Julian Jones-Pittman

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