Aretha Franklin’s “Death Is Imminent”

The Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin is reported to be gravely ill in hospice care at her home. Currently, she is surrounded by her family and friends wishing to say goodbye.
The singer has been battling cancer for some time it has been rumored. “Prepare...


Need a New Activity? Consider Cow Cuddling

As one of the most hilarious and placid animals on the planet, the cow is a uniquely enjoyable animal to spend time around. Like all animals, though, a cow can be hard to spend time around for long without feeling at least a little uncomfortable: especially...


Watch: Amazing Singing Groom

Whether it’s your special day or you’re just celebrating along with everybody else, weddings are happy and wonderful events. Tears of joy, laughter and countless emotions – that’s what weddings are made of. A wedding is not just about a couple...


Apple Introduces: the New Memoji

Talk about giving its users something new to play with, we are expecting new emojis. According to the reports, users of Apple products will soon have more emojis to make their communication even more fun. We are expecting not 10 but 70 new emojis.
This is to...