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The Earth Map Is A Lie!!!

Turns out the Earth actually is flat. Those YouTube accounts with suspiciously large followings might just be right after all.
Sorry, jokes aside. It turns out that the world map that most of us grew up observing, though, might not be true either. The world...


3 Times You Had To Laugh When At The Airport

There are things that you can accept in certain places, and in other places not. For example, a man in underwear is totally ok when it happens in front of a TSA guy at the airport. In your workplace? Not so much. In other cases, you would accept annoying...


3 Times Dads Trolled Their Kids FTW

Being a parent has its challenges, children can be innocent angels one minute and guilty-as-hell devils the next. After a while, you realize taking things too seriously isn’t the best approach. The key is to celebrate your small successes such as...