Helpful Hacks For An Organized Life

Big blow-ups of frustration in life usually happen because of all the little moments. Before the little annoyances that you face every day push you over the edge, take a look at these helpful habits.
Stop scrambling for the keys every single time you need to...

Tech News

Robot Hotel Fires Half Its Robotic Workers

If you are concerned about losing your job in hospitality to artificial intelligence soon, there is no need to worry.

A hotel in Nagasaki, Japan called the Hen-na (“Strange”) Hotel ‘fired’ more than 50% of the 243 robots working there...


Mushrooms Could Save The Bees

Scientist suspect that mushrooms could possibly restore the population of bees.

The average human being usually has issues when it comes to bees. Bees help pollination and this helps everyone, but alternatively, they sting people. Most of the time, a bee...

Tech News

LG Smartphone With Detachable Second Screen

Next month at the Mobile World Conference, LG is revealing a new type of smartphone that promises to change the game entirely. The electronics company based in South Korea is said to be revealing a phone that brings in the option of attaching a second...


Getaways To Escape The Snow

If you have worn layers on top of layers and shoveled snow until you are absolutely tired of it, then it’s probably time to take a break. Traveling to somewhere that it sunny and warm may sound quite expensive, but it doesn’t have to be.
There are...