'1 Alcoholic Bev' - The Meme That Will Break the Internet

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Do you remember when Kim Kardashian starred on the front cover of that magazine, promising to ‘break the internet’?

Well, it turns out that we might have something on our hands so irritatingly viral that it might break the whole thing. It’s the ‘1 Alcoholic Bev’ meme, and it's gone so far, so wide and so fast it’s very unlikely you haven’t seen it yet. Anyway, if you are somehow free of its clutches, then you’ll want to know what it is – right?

Essentially… see the mate in your group who cannot handle their alcohol? That after a single pint/bottle/can/whatever, they are absolutely mashed?

Well, the 1 Alcoholic Bev meme was made in celebration of their wonderful ability to get lashed for so little. It’s also a celebration of the fact that these people become extremely loose with their words afterward, often to comical effect.

This meme has exploded, celebrating every one of the times we’ve all had a heart to heart with a complete stranger, or nearly had a fight with a random person over a football opinion. Sometimes, all it takes is one drink to turn you into a complete clown – and the 1 Alcoholic Bev meme is here to celebrate that ridiculous transformation we all take.

There’s a rather comical tweet series we came across that perfectly surmises the 1 Alcoholic Bev meme for those who have somehow managed to miss it.

How the 1 Alcoholic Bev usually works

So, these are all fine examples of a good night out. You are out and about with the sensible clothes on and the complete intention of having a simple night. No messing around. One drink in, though, you are on the table – the inhibitions are gone. You are dancing on the table, and the mild mannered couple across from you are looking partially intrigued, partially horrified.

Stumbling out the door afterward, it’s straight for a fantastic bite to eat – the smell just wafts right up your nose. You would eat out of a bin if someone told you it was the reason for the aroma you now want to marry. All it takes is that one drink to turn that donor kebab you nearly threw up thinking about earlier into the stuff of dreams.

As you trapeze on home, you think of sitting in bed. Cold. Alone. You tell yourself you won’t do it, but you send the text anyway – to him/her. You do it because you know you must, even though you know both of you will despise the approach tomorrow. But you do it anyway, as all it takes is one drink to convince you that – actually – you can make things work.

So, what has the worst been for you after a single alcoholic beverage? Try and avoid counting the times when you would start your drinking with something of supreme power, like Absinthe. Try and think of when all it took was a Becks, a simple Becks, to make you transform into the ‘real you’ that you hide in sobriety?

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