10 Best Surfing Beaches

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There’s nothing quite as free, independent and cool like surfing. Originated in Hawaii and the South Pacific in the 1800s, it has become one of the most popular sports in the world.

Surfing has its own culture, it’s own lexicon, and it definitely requires you to love the sea, the challenge of dominating the waves and the excitement. If there’s a reef, wave or break, you bet there will be a surfer riding it. If you want to figure out what are the best spots in the world, here’s a list of the 10 best surfing beaches. So let’s get into it!

  1. Hanalei Bay, Hawaii

This is one of those magical places on earth that make you feel like you’re in heaven. It offers tubed waves and you’ll also have the majestic view of waterfalls. Professionals and amateurs will equally enjoy this wonderful spot!

  1. Cloud 9, Philippines

This surfing spot, which takes the name of the most famous wave on the island, offers some of the most dramatic waves and razor-sharp coral in the world. That means that it’s best for professional surfers who can handle themselves. However, amateurs will find that surf lessons are available.

  1. Troncones, Mexico

Troncones is a great spot that accommodates surfers of all levels and you’ll find waves of all sizes available all year-round, which makes it a popular spots for surfers from all over the world because of the wonderful availability.

  1. Muizenberg, South Africa

Muizenberg is actually historic in South Africa because it’s considered to be the birthplace of surf culture in the country. This surfing spot offers beautiful breaks and it’s also a great spot for spotting Great White sharks from the cliffs. It’s incredible!

  1. Shikoku Island, Japan

Shikoku is the smallest island in Japan and it has many wonderful things to offer, including some top-notch surf. It’s also home to a pilgrimage route of 88 Buddhist temples and the feudal Matsuyama Castle, which makes it a great touristic destination.

  1. Byron Bay, Australia

Byron Bay is one of the most well-known spots in the world. This chill town has everything a surfer dreams of:  Waves ready to ride, warm water, and even interesting spots for diving with shipwrecks and everything. Do be aware of sharks, though, even if there are shark nets in place.

  1. Killer Point, Morocco

Killer Point, which is located in Taghazout, a small fishing village in Morocco, has been a popular spot for surfers since the 1960s. It takes its name after the killer whales that live in the area and it’s the perfect place to ride powerful breaks.

  1. Fernando de Noronha Island, Brazil

Located to the north, this island offers incredible reef breaks and huge breaks. The beaches here are super clean and it also offers incredible opportunities for scuba diving as well. Get ready for breaks of up to 15 feet high!

  1. Carrapateira, Portugal

If you’re a beginner and you need a more controlled and less wild surfing experience, this is the spot for you. Carrapateira beaches offer manageable waves and they’re usually empty, which means you’ll be alone with the sea.

  1. Malibu, California

And of course, a list of surfing spots wouldn’t be complete without Malibu. Famous for its wonderful waves and breaks!