10 strange secrets about The Big Bang Theory

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Big Bang Theory (BBT) is one of the most popular shows on CBS. BBT grabbed the attention of many viewers when it aired in 2007. With the exceptional writing of Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady, amazing performances by actors Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki and Kelley Cuoco along with perfect comic timing, this show is widely watched and loved all over the world.

Every character in this show has a unique ability and they are appreciated in their own way. This show is not only about science and intelligence but it is all about friendship, relationships and love. Everything about this show is amazing and no matter how many times you watch it, you will love it even more.

However, there are some strange facts about this show that the fans would be fascinated to know. Here are the top 10 strange secrets of The Big Bang Theory:

1. Lenny Penny Kenny.
As we all are aware that the name ‘The Big Bang Theory’ is symbolically given to this show with the purpose of not only science but also the fact of something new is being created. Magical as that sounds, this wasn’t the first name chosen by the writers. At first, the show was to be called ‘Lenny Penny Kenny’, featuring three main characters and so of course, the name’s Sheldon and Lennard would never have been introduced and neither would have all the other characters.

2. Mayim Bialik.
In this exceptional show where the writers and directors have tried to make everything look authentic, there is one authentic detail that most fans don't know. Actress Mayim Bialik is the only actress in the show who is actually a scientist. She is a neuroscientist and got her doctorate degree in 2008. It is so great to have an actual doctor on set!

3. Hidden Injuries.
Another interesting thing about the show is that many of the actors have had many serious injuries but the directors have very smartly handled them. During season 4, Kelley Cuoco broke her leg while horseback riding so the directors made her do all the scenes behind the counter so that fans wouldn’t be disappointed and the shooting wouldn't stop. Another actor, Mayim Bialik who plays the role of Amy, broke her arm in a car accident but had to hide it throughout the entire season 6.

4. Sheldon and Star Trek.
Now, as a Big Bang theory fan, we all know how crazy Sheldon is about Star Trek and that he has shared multiple references related to the Brand. However, the actor who plays Sheldon, Jim Parsons, has admitted having never watched Star Trek in his entire life. Also, he has never watched any of the other fictional shows that Sheldon loves including Doctor Who.

5. The Theorists.
We all know how unique The Big Bang Theory is. Who would have thought of a comic show about a group of science nerds and their friendship with a completely opposite girl who has the dream of becoming an actress? Seeing how amazing and different this show was, some people actually did try to copy the idea. In 2010, a show was aired with the name of ‘The Theorists’ in Belarus. When the actors of that show discovered that the producers have stolen the idea, they left.

6. Bazinga.
Sheldon’s all-time favorite phrase ‘Bazinga’ became so popular that some scientists actually used it in one of their discoveries. In 2013, a new species of orchid bee was discovered by Brazilian scientists and they decided to name it Euglossa Bazinga after the catchphrase bazinga. How cool is that? The producers thought that Sheldon would be very thrilled to know that an actual scientific discovery was named after his famous catchphrase.

7. Musical abilities.
Some of the people in the show have a remarkable ability to play musical instruments. In one episode, Sheldon plays the Theremin and the actor, Jim Parsons, played it all by himself regardless of the fact that the Theremin is one of the most difficult instruments to play. Other than that, Mayim Bialik actually learned how to play the harp for one of the episodes where Amy has to play it. Also, Johnny Galecki plays an amazing piano, it is not yet shown on the show but we’re still hoping.

8. Penny’s last name.
Isn’t it interesting that sometimes we skip the slightest details of the show we love? Have you ever noticed that the character of Penny has always been a sort of mystery for the fans? Her last name is literally never mentioned in the show and the producers like to keep it that way. Other than that, Penny’s mother was also never mentioned on the show. Kind of a mystery don’t you think? Despite all that, Penny made a way to everyone’s heart and is one of the most adored characters of the show.

9. Lennard’s glasses.
Lennard’s character has always been wonderful, charming and awkward but what lights up his character is his pair of glasses. It may sound stereotypical for a nerd to wear glasses, but with Lennard, it just fits. However, the actor, Johnny Galecki, doesn’t wear glasses. So throughout the show, he has been wearing glasses without any lens in them and the fans never figured it out and quite honestly, Lennard would have looked a little alternative without the glasses.

10. Blind casting.
We all know and agree with the fact that Jim Parsons is one of finest actors on The Big Bang Theory and he is just the perfect guy to play Sheldon. However, when Jim was called upon to audition, he did not know who Chuck Lorre was, he thought he was auditioning for the game show host Chuck Woolery. Nevertheless, Jim Parsons gave an amazing audition and became the best Sheldon anyone could have ever been.