15 Frightening Titanic Facts

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’I cannot imagine any condition which would cause a ship to founder. I cannot conceive of any vital disaster happening to this vessel. Modern shipbuilding has gone beyond that.’’ - Captain Edward Smith

It was the biggest and the most expensive ship ever made, no one could sink the Titanic, however, a terrible thing happened and we are introducing you with some of the most interesting facts about Titanic.

The Titanic was the biggest moving object in the world in 1912. It was the largest passenger ship ever made and it was 883 feet long. The Titanic was one of the first cruise ships to ever take the trip overseas.


It’s easy to say that the Titanic held the largest commercial passenger list to date. With 2,224 passengers on board, the Titanic went to the ocean. Tragically, after it crashed, most of its passengers and crew went to the deep ocean. Only 710 people survived the event. It’s one of the most tragic events to this date.


Did you ever wonder, if the Titanic were to lunch today how much would it cost? Basically, you would need $83,200 to ride first class in parlor suite. Back in 1912, a suite cost $4,350 and first class bedroom ticket cost $150 - which is around $3,000 in today’s dollars.


A notorious American banker and steel tycoon Mr. J.P. Morgan was one of the richest people to buy a ticket. The Titanic was well known in the whole world, and many rich people just wanted to ride in it. However, Morgan didn’t board the ship that day and saved his life.


Around 600 tons of coal burned a day to push its massive engines. Yes, the Titanic required a lot of energy. It was carrying 6,000 tons of coal in the ocean. A few fireman survived the crash beating the freezing water in their work clothes – t-shirt and shorts.


The Titanic’s smoke stacks, recognizable by its size. However, not all four stacks were meant for smoke, only three of them were. The fourth was actually used as a massive air vent. Can you imagine the size of that thing? It still amazes a lot of shipbuilding engineers today.


Many people say that passengers went down with the ship. But many passengers survived the crash but didn’t make to the lifeboat. And the fact is that lifeboats had enough space for 1,178 passengers, which left almost a thousand souls freezing in deep ocean water.


Unfortunately, Titanic never made it to final docking; but it made two stops before heading across the Atlantic Ocean, it docked in France and Ireland. Heading the Titanic, Captain Edward J. Smith in last minutes said to his crew “Well boys do your best for the women and children, and look out for yourself.”


Some believe that binoculars could change the event entirely. When the ship was heading toward the iceberg, the lookouts couldn’t see it from crows nest and didn’t have binoculars on hand. And the ship was aware of icebergs; four days before it discovered the bottom of the ocean, the ship was sent a few messages about floating sea ice.


The Titanic had a small chance that it could avoid the iceberg. But because of its massive size it was difficult to turn in time. The ship’s First Officer, William McMaster, saw the iceberg first and gave the order to turn, but the crash was inevitable on April 15. 1912.


In the movie ”Titanic” the ship sank in only few minutes. But in reality it took two hours and forty minutes to sink. It also broke in half as it went down because of it’s heavy mass and gravity of course. Sounds of screams and broken materials, as the Titanic sank, marked the evening at 23:40 ‘till 2:00.


Eight-man group of musicians played as the ship sank into the freezing ocean, trying to comfort passengers. This is one of the many truths that the movie took from the horror event. They were called White Star Line and they played orchestra music of Rossini, Herold, Auber, Balfe and A. Thomas.


After the crash, hundreds of passengers were left swimming in the cold Atlantic Ocean. Once the word was out, many ships were headed to help. Eight ships set sail to pull passengers from the water, but it was too late. The Titanic boarded many adults, but the youngest passenger was a baby named Elizabeth Glady Millvina Dean. She survived the event and passed away in 2009.


Robert Ballad finally found the ship in the bottom of the ocean and it took many years to find it. Now, you can buy a ticket which cost $59,000 per person to see the Titanic docked in the Atlantic Ocean. The trip is taken in Russian submersible ship and you can tour in and out the Titanic.


Scientists believe that the Titanic touched the ocean floor in only 15 minutes. Because it was so heavy, once it was underneath the ocean water it sank so quickly. The tragic process of sinking lasted for hours, but it’s final movements were over in just a minutes. Everyone will always remember this tragic event.