18 Lovable Celebrities Taken Too Soon

There are a number of celebrities, child and adult, who have touched our hearts with their performances onscreen in some movie we really loved. It happens quite a lot that we see them onscreen and don’t even know that they passed away for some reason or another. And when we find out they have actually not been alive for several years now, we are totally shocked.

So without further a due, here are the most famous celebrities who passed away too early.

Corey Haim

Corey Haim

Corey became a popular household name in the 80’s with the roles he played is some of the best movies including Lucas, Silver Bullet and Murphey’s Romance. But the sweet teen idol had an alleged very dark secret.

His friend and co-star Corey Feldman later revealed that he and Corey were both molested during their youth by undisclosed Hollywood men. Corey Haim, allegedly got the worst of it and was repeatedly raped and sodomized. Naturally, this eventually led to him becoming a drug addict. Despite various efforts from his family, himself and Corey Feldman, after being clean between 2004 and 2008, Corey slipped into prescription drug addiction and died of pneumonia in 2010.

Matthew Garber

Matthew Garber Actors Taken Too Soon For Their Age

Matthew was the kid that everyone loved for his role in ‘Mary Poppins’. From the moment he came on screen, he had everyone eating out of the palm of his hands. Before taking a break from showbiz during his adolescent years, Matthew participated in a variety of Disney projects.

In 1975, he went on a trip to India and tragically contracted hepatitis from an unknown (or undisclosed) source. His family is adamant that the disease wasn’t contracted due to drug use, but rather due to eating bad meat. A year later, when he was just 21 when he passed away due to acute hemorrhagic pancreatitis.

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