2018 Largest Ships On The Seas

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While we don’t quite use sea travel to the extent of our ancestors, traveling via water is still pretty damn popular. Many people love to go to the sea because it allows a sense of liberation from the laws of the land. That being said, you might also suffer from problems with finding a ship of the right size to fit your ambitions. If you want some help in finding some of the biggest ships in the world, then here are some of the largest vessels still sailing the seven seas today.

CMA CGM Von Humboldt

The CMA CGM Alexander von Humboldt, to be exact. This stunning explorer ship was built and named after the famous Alexander von Humboldt himself. This amazing ship was scheduled to be delivered in 201,3, and is capable of delivering an impressive speed of 20 knots despite being a dead weight of a whopping 187,624 tons.

It’s a huge ship, but it’s not the biggest on this latest – despite managing to reach a whopping 396m in size.

Emma Maersk

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Just a touch more impressive in terms of size is the stunning Emma Maersk. This gigantic cruise ship is among the most popular on the planet, and has long stood the test of time as a hugely impressive E-class ship. It’s been around for over a decade, having been manufactured in 2006. Since then, it has become a very impressive part of the world of nautical development, with it at one stage being the largest ship ever created. Indeed, it was able to carry as many as 11,000 units at 20ft in size – each!

Esso Atlantic

At a whopping 406m in size, the Esso Atlantic is one of the leaders on this important list of stunning boats. Despite launching more than 40 years ago, in 1977, it was a hugely impressive cruise ship for the era.

Indeed, its impressive dead weight of 516,891 tons becomes even more impressive when you consider that it can hit top speeds of a whopping 15.6 knots. It’s a massive oil transfer tanker that has served as one of the most valuable ships to sail the seas for many a year.

Seawise Giant


The stunning Seawise Giant is, at 458m in length, the second largest ship that we could find. This amazing cruise ship was later known by other names like Knock Nevis and Mont, was a stunning ULCC supertanker. It held the distinction of having the greatest deadweight tonnage ever seen, with a whopping 657,019 tons making it the heaviest ship of any kind ever built at the time.

Given it could hit speeds of 16 knots, though, you would never know!

Prelude FLNG

This is the largest ship we could find still cutting around in 2018. With over 600,000 tons of displacement and with over 260,000 tons of steel, this is a hugely impressive model aircraft. Ships like this often stand out as they produce a stunning platform for everything from liquefied natural gas platforms to working offshore.

At 488m in length, you can be almost certain that this stunning ship is one of the largest ever to be produced.

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