2019 Fashion Week – Part 2

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  1. Go for Gothic

A lot of neo-Gothic looks are appearing on the streets this year.  It’s an easy look to replicate by pairing a head-to-toe black outfit with some up-to-date accessories.  You can use whatever takes your fancy but the mood needs to be kept dark, moody and chic.  Adding a deep red lipstick can add that bit of extra glamour.

  1. Bright Coloured Tartan

Another popular print for the 2019 show season has been the brightest colors of tartan.  This look has been seen across London, Paris, New York and Milan this summer.

Anything but subtle, the brightly colored tartan is striking and chic, pairing the classic tartan pattern with bright, bold and unique color combinations on jackets, trousers, or skirts in the classic tartan pattern.  Be right on trend by keeping accessories plain to accentuate this bright, modern look.

  1. Bringing Back the Bucket Hat


The bucket hat was really the must-have accessory back in the 1990’s and it has made a big return this year.  If this is not on your fashion shopping list for this year, then it should be!  It is functional, giving great sun protection, but also stylish enough to be perfect for your weekend get-together.

The hats come plain or with logos and patterns and can be worn with multiple outfits – dresses, boiler suits, whatever takes your fancy.

  1. Perfect Patchwork


Patchwork has become one of fashion’s hottest trends this year; seen on the streets in all of the major fashion cities.  Using different fabrics to create a wonderfully eclectic look these outfits are sure to catch the eye.

It is a creative and modern look for dresses, pants, jackets and more.  The patchwork is sure to be the focal point of your ensemble so team it with something plain and simple to maximize the impact.

  1. Shrunken Bags

Size is what defines this year’s ‘must have’ handbag.  The 2019 bag can be any shape but size is everything – these diminutive bags are designed to fit only the bare essentials.  The smallest can barely fit a mobile phone and a lipstick but it is perfect for those who want style over functionality.

If you want the top look this season invest in one of these tiny shrunken bags.  It may not carry very much but it looks good and you won’t be tempted to load it up.