2019 Fashion Week – The Top 10 Summer Trends

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As fashion month heats up in Paris, Milan and New York all of the latest trends are on show.  The runway gives us a look at what is coming in the future and inspires us to keep on trend, but on the high street, we can see what is the must-have item for right now.

We’ve taken a look at the top high street fashion trends to look out for this summer.  We’re sure you are going to want to add some of these amazing looks to your own wardrobe.

  1. Bike Shorts Paired with Blazers

Super chic and versatile athleisure is sure to be an ongoing trend for the foreseeable future.  This pairing – bike shorts with a blazer – is proving popular among trend-setters at the shows this year.

The use of sportswear plus the tailored jacket will be sure to make you stand out in any crowd.  It’s not a style you could wear to work or the gym but it is perfect for seeing and being seen at all the trendy spots in town, or just for meeting with friends for a summer lunch in the pub garden.

  1. Be an Animal!

Leopard print has made a real return this fashion season and all of the top style icons can be seen in bold, wild animal prints.  Leopard print has been particularly popular this year and is appearing on trousers, coats, suits and dresses and so much more!

Pair up the print with some bold colors and you will be right on trend.  Alternatively, go for the complete bodysuit in leopard print, paired with some colorful accessories.  Of course, you can go minimalist with a plain outfit paired with a playful pair of leopard print shoes or a funky bag.

Whatever you choose, embrace your wild side!

  1. Boiler Suits are Back!

The boiler suit is one of a variety of utilitarian designs making an appearance in all of the major fashion week shows this season.  Formerly used as work protection the boiler suit is dominating this year, being both functional and fashionable.

These suits come in multiple cuts and colors so you are sure to find one that appeals.  You will never be short on choice, with short sleeved versions for hot summer days or the longer sleeves for cool summer evenings.

  1. Lavender is In

Lavender is the color that most fashionistas can be seen in this year, so you can be sure that anything that comes in light purple is hot on style.  You can choose the head-to-toe lavender look, or stick to an accent like a handbag or boots.

Lavender dresses and coats give a chic and feminine look. If you want to keep your style up-to-date and understated you could do worse that trying out the lavender look this year.

  1. Pretty Puff Shoulders

This year minimalism takes a back seat in favor of fabric – an abundance of fabric in fact.  Lots of bold ruffles, along with puff shoulders are making a comeback on blouses and dresses.

These give an 80’s retro look and feel with a stunning modern twist.  This look would certainly give you a stand-out style, however, be sure to pair it with something less bold to keep the look tasteful.