Back To The Past: Weird Flight From Auckland to Hawaii Goes Back in Time

While most people had a thoroughly awful 2017 if you look at social media and the news, it appears that some people had to endure it for longer than you might have expected. For anyone who was on the HA446 flight, part of Hawaiian Airlines, they got a little weird insight into just how odd time can be.

The plane, set to leave Auckland at 11:55 PM on New Year’s Eve, would be arriving at Honolulu at 9:45 AM on New Year’s Eve. Given there is close to a full day of time difference from one place to the next, though, it meant that some people got to enjoy New Year twice!

The arrived in Honolulu on December 31st, 2017, despite having been in the skies on January 1st, 2018. A rather odd story, this was one immediately got people wondering just how rare an occurrence this would have been for people flying. Given the fact that most flights are nowhere near as challenging to work out or as distant apart in terms of time zones, this must be one of the few flights in the world where this was made possible.

So, with plenty of people having to miss out on their New Years celebration during the flight, this made it easier for people to get the chance to enjoy it in the wonderful world of Hawaii once they finally landed. The journey was brought to the attention of many people after it went viral on social media, when Sam Sweeney, a transport reporter, posted about it on Twitter with an image showing proof of the madness that was taking place in the skies above us.

As you might imagine, the tweet was re-tweeted en masse as people began to overload the post with GIFs – some appropriate, some less so. One of the most commonly seen, of course, was the famous Back to the Future GIFs that often get posted the minute anything remotely points to an odd consequence of time.

However, is this really so unusual?

According to one person, Anna Wallenstam, this happens a lot. She posted a reply to the Tweet, bursting the party balloons for everyone, stating: “That happens every time a plane crosses the current midnight line – think of it as the border between the kingdoms of 2017 and 2018 – in the wrong direction on New Years.

“In other words, it happens a lot. Still seems to surprise a lot of people every year.”

Indeed, eagle-eyed viewers soon spotted that on this night alone, six planes took off from Taipei in 2018 and landed in US and Canadian locations in 2017. So, it’s not quite as unique as we thought earlier, unfortunately.

Still, it’s a pretty cool occurrence, right?


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