3 Reasons Why Sloths Are The Real Kings & Queens

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As a creature which is more or less a byword for being lazy and not taking any effort, sloths are hilarious. Their cheery faces and complete inability to do anything makes them quite hilarious, but it’s actually part of their entire nature as a species. Indeed, some facts and figures from the Guinness World Book of Records shows that sloths are by far and away the laziest animals around!

You see, with International Sloth Day recently held in late October (the 20th), people have been thinking taking on a more sloth-like approach to life. Need some inspiration? Here is some proof that sloths are the animal who waits for nobody.

Sloths And The Sea

One comical fact about the sloth is that they can move at roughly three times the pace in water as they can on-land. Maybe it’s because they know that they cannot make their way into a tree to sleep all day. Maybe it’s because the monsters of the water are much more likely to get them than the animals of the jungle.

Whatever the reason, they are pretty rapid swimmers and will make their way out of the water much faster than they would if they were just floating around in the comfort of a tree branch.

The Size of a Sloth

Indeed, the largest ever sloths were known as the Florida ground. While they have been dead as a species for at least 300,000 years, they left a memorable mark on the animal kingdom. These massive creatures were capable of creating the largest animal burrows ever found – some the size of a cave. Some still are intact today across South America.

Of course, some tiny sloths do exist as well – the pygmy three-toed sloth stand at around 50cm in height. These adorable little creatures are very much easy to fall in love with, Overall, this makes them the size of a normal domestic cat – imagine that cat that was so lazy!

Sadly, only 100 of these adorable little creatures are left.

The Speed of a Sloth

Noted for their lack of real ability to move at any pace, the adorable sloth lives up to that reputation. You see, if you were to put some animals into a 100m sprint, the sloth would probably be the last over the line.

Usain Bolt can do it in 9.58 seconds – a three-toed sloth? 50 minutes. That’s a hilarious 6-8ft per minute. For perspective, an iceberg just drifting along would be moving at over fifteen times that pace.

So, with this in mind, you can easily see why the sloth has gained its reputation as a creature who very much wants to deal with things tomorrow. It’s well earned!

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