3 Times Dads Trolled Their Kids FTW

Being a parent has its challenges, children can be innocent angels one minute and guilty-as-hell devils the next. After a while, you realize taking things too seriously isn’t the best approach. The key is to celebrate your small successes such as outsmarting your kids at their own game. A sense of humor as such is not sometimes vital for your sanity. Laughter is the best medicine as they say!

Being a parent is a lifelong commitment. From infants to toddlers, tweens to teenagers, adolescence to adulthood, being a parent comes with its own charms and offers plenty of opportunities for fathers and mothers to prank and toy with their children. When it comes to having a laugh with/at your offspring these examples will show you how to troll your kids.

How To Scare Your Kids This Holiday Season

These parents went all out when it came to scaring their children and built one disturbing looking snowman tall enough to peer into their kid’s window! Honestly, I can imagine waking up to the site and it would not be pretty.

Let’s Play A Game

Home isn’t where the heart is, it’s where the WiFi connects automatically. One of the reasons kids like staying home these days is because of the ease to which they can connect to the net. So when this father wanted his children to do their chores, he offered them some incentive. The question is, how could they email the photos without WiFi?

Tip Of The Glass To Top Of The Class

Nowadays it’s almost a tradition for students’ to give their parents gifts during the holiday season. Usually, these come in the form of sweets, scented candles, flowers, or a nice bottle of wine. This poor kid’s parents though decided the joke would be their kid with these hilarious stickers they stuck on these wine bottles. That’s certainly one way to get the teachers on your side.

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