3 Times You Had To Laugh When At The Airport

There are things that you can accept in certain places, and in other places not. For example, a man in underwear is totally ok when it happens in front of a TSA guy at the airport. In your workplace? Not so much. In other cases, you would accept annoying people because you were on your way to a vacation and were in a good mood. Which would never happen on the street on your way to work.

At the airport, you are much more forgiving to the weird, funny and wacky. Take these three times where you knew that something was wrong on so many levels, but it was at the airport so you never gave it a second thought.

Hogging the travelator (The moving walkway)

Often you find people at airports running, rushing to catch their flight or spend some time in the duty-free shops, but there are moments one has to sit back and laugh, like the guys stuck behind this old lady who seems totally oblivious that she is causing one huge traffic jam! That…or she just doesn’t give a damn! You should see more like this.

Double Take

Made you look… :-)

When traveling, or even going down the street, you better check how you look before you leave the house. And look all around, not only how you look face to face. This woman made people all around the airport look twice… “wait, is she… oh my. No, wait, it’s her bag!” was the most spoken sentence in every language in that airport on that day. Oh, btw, it’s her travel pillow. And it’s only one part of many more hilarious moments at the airport.


Last time I checked, an airport was not a hunting ground. A proper one that is. It could be hunting grounds for weirdos, but still, no need for a full-out camo suit. Not that this could ever be called a camo suit. I mean, I believe that a person having this on in the woods would be the hunted and not the hunter.

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