3 Tips for Improving Your Concentration

Would you like to be able to concentrate longer or better? Then you're in luck! here are 3 simple tips that can help you improve your concentration.

Find colors

Imagine you are at work and your colleague is giving a presentation. While you want to listen to his or her story, your thoughts wander. You may notice that you start looking around a little more or picking at or fidgeting with your clothes. What helps then is to start looking for colors. The first time you are distracted, look for something red around you. Once you find something red, try to refocus your attention on the presentation. Do you get distracted again? This time looking for something with the color orange. When you have found something, again try to focus on the presentation. Why does this little game help? Your brain loves patterns. Your brain gets that the time between looking for the colors is increasing: and your ability to concentrate increases.

Take breaks while reading

Many people read a book before going to sleep. Often you read a few pages and then quickly fall asleep. Want to keep your attention on the story longer? Then try the following: put the book aside as soon as you notice you are drifting off. Remember where you left off, take a look around the room you're in, take a few deep breaths, and possibly a sip of water. You guessed it: then resume reading. If you practice this often enough you will be able to concentrate a little longer and longer. Your brain will get a handle on your subconscious faster, making you less likely to get distracted.

Focus on the person, not the story

You've probably experienced it before. Your friend or partner is telling a story and you find that you can't keep your attention there. What helps then is to focus your attention on the person and not the story. What does he or she look like today? Try to pay attention to the way he or she is breathing. Breathe in yourself when the other person is speaking and breathe out when you are speaking. You will find that you now take in the other person's story much better.