3 Vintage Star Pictures That Have Cool Written All Over Them

Looking at old photos of celebrities and stars is a lot of fun and brings back many images of days gone by.  Check these out and take a sentimental journey back in time. You will find some of your favorite stars from the 70s and 80s and others from the 50s. Come join us and just have fun!

These vintage cool photos are food for poster lovers. Each one of these pics can be easily used as a blownup poster that would rock any office or room. This Marilyn picture you see here, is one of many that belong on every person’s bucket list for room posters. It’s on mine, that’s for sure.

1955 Photoshoot With Marilyn And Cute Pup

This photograph was taken by Milton H. Green in 1955 for a Look Magazine’s editorial on Oriental Gowns.  The photograph was shot at his New York studio on March 28, 1955, along with this precious Pekinese puppy.

The staging area is also wonderful!  You can see an embroidered ottoman, a folding dressing screen, and an abundance of cushions.  He posed her dressed in an Oriental-style black robe while snuggling with the puppy.

Frank Sinatra gave Marilyn a gift because she loved animals. The gift was an adorable white fluffy dog named Mafia Honey, or Maf for short.  It was meant as a tongue-in-cheek gesture because of his alleged ties to the mafia!

Freddie Mercury And His Partner Jim Hutton, 1985

The world just was not the same after Freddie Mercury passed away from complications caused by AIDS in 1991.  Jim Hutton lived with Freddie over the last six years of his life.  He was there for Freddie through his illness up to the last day when he passed.

Jim Hutton was a hairdresser in his hometown in County Carlow, Ireland before ever meeting Mercury.  Shortly after they started dating, Hutton lived with Mercury in his Garden Lodge home where they stayed together until Mercury’s death.

Their relationship was long before anyone recognized same-sex marriage.  Although they were never officially married, they both wore wedding bands to show their devotion to each other.  Freddie Mercury died wearing his wedding band.

Stevie Nicks, A True Iconic Bohemian Beauty, 1970s

Gorgeous Stevie Nicks was the lead of Fleetwood Mac and the queen of rock in the 70s.  While Fleetwood Mac was constantly topping the charts, her personal life was a train wreck.

Between spending tons of money and partying, things got quickly out of control.  She said that during the recording of the Rumors album, she would carry a gram of cocaine in her boot.

Even though she tried to fight her cocaine addiction problem, it escalated during the 70s bringing turmoil and stress to the band.  At one point she had a hopeless affair with drummer Mick Fleetwood that was continually fueled by drugs.

In 1986, she got the scare of her life when a surgeon told her she had a very dangerous, large hole in her nose. He warned her that so much as one more hit of cocaine could be her last.

That hole in her nose could cause her brain to hemorrhage. That was enough to convince her to get into rehab.  That was her wake up call!  To the here and now, Fleetwood Mack is back up and on tour!

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