Users Post Puzzling Pictures, The Internet Answers.

Before the days when we had the internet, if you saw something strange or needed to find out about something it was a lot harder to get hold of the information.  Mostly you had to rely on someone being able to help you or perhaps try and find some details in your local City Library.  Of course all of the information available back then was limited, compared to the limitless access we now have online.

Now there is even a specific online page that you can go on to and ask all these sorts of questions and no one is going to troll you over it.  This page is on  “Reddit” which is a really popular website.  Simply go onto the sub-thread called  “What Is This Thing?”.  Here you will find all sorts of photos of things people want to find out about.  It’s so useful!

We’ve put together this list of some of the most insane photo questions asked on the internet:

Green Alien Thing

Question:  What is this?  It looks like a green alien has grown on my band aid.  The answer that was given involved lots of long words, details about shelf life, and lots of other things. Probably the simplest and best theory was that they are some kind of sprinkles.

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