4 Quirky Traits of 4 Famous Artists

Artists sometimes have to be eccentric in order to create a timeless work of art. Mental focus and emotional contortion are essential for converting imagination to creation. Some of the world’s most famous artist had fascinating personalities with rather odd habits. Living in the dirt, starving to death, work in demanding conditions…these peculiarities helped them to achieve a master level in their spheres of art.

Andy Warhol Was A Foot Fetishist


Before becoming famous, Warhol was considered a bizarre guy. Besides having some other odd habits (including hoarding thing and possessing more than 40 wigs), Andy Warhol had a serious fetish for feet and shoes. The artist had dozens of their drawings. Chief archivist of The Andy Warhol Museum says that these drawings include drawings of feet with various commonly used objects, but also photos of feet, including one of Mike Jagger.

Artist’s collection includes even one amazing artifact – a mummified foot from Ancient Egypt! Warhol presumably never threw anything away – his stuff were packed in amazing 641 boxes, referred as Warhol’s Time Capsules.

Michelangelo Had Problem With Hygiene

According to sources, Michelangelo spent his life in an unbelievable dirt. Allegedly, painter slept in the same clothes and boots for a long period of time. And when he finally would remove the boots, the skin on his feet had so many blisters it would actually peel off with the leather!

The artist got the idea of this lifestyle from his father. At the age of 25, Michelangelo received a letter from his father with advice not to bath as often, in order to stay healthy. Oddly, his father might have been right- Michelangelo died at the age of 89, which was an astonishing age for the time period.

Georgia O’Keeffe Used Her Car as a Studio


The abstract painter Georgia O’Keeffe is famous for flower paintings and landscapes of New Mexico. Surprisingly, her Model A Ford was her main and favorite studio where these works of art were created.

This traveling studio had two purposes. The vehicle allowed her to travel around New Mexico and to capture surrounding landscapes. The car was also a protection from the desert bees which would sometimes make the artist hide inside her car.

Yet, 100-degree heat with no ventilation is one difficult condition to work in. Even so, O’Keeffe’s 1936 painting Gerald’s Tree was completed in her Ford, and this is one of the most famous pieces of art.

Wassily Kandinsky Could Hear His Paintings


Wassily Kandinsky was a famous abstract painter who may have had a rare medical condition called synesthesia. One in 2,000 people has this condition where sensory stimuli of one kind (for example, certain sounds) triggers another (for example, certain colors).

Even as a small child, the artist said he could hear the paint box when he was mixing the colors. Kandinsky said he had an epiphany while watching Lohengrin, Wagner’s famous opera and that he could see colors in front of him, sketched in crazy lines.

The color blue was the most powerful color to Kandinsky. According to the artist, deeper tones would call a man, guiding him towards a desire for pure and supernatural… On the contrary, lighter blue losses the sound, eventually turning into silence and white.