New Google Calendar Update Helps With Reshuffling Meetings.

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Google is making it easier to reschedule meetings on Calendar — and avoid all that unnecessary Slack chatter — with a new feature that lets participants propose alternative times from within the app itself. The organizer of the meeting is then given the option to review and accept the new time or reject it. All attendees’ availability windows, if their calendars are shared with co-workers, will also now be displayed in a side-by-side view, so it’s easier to propose times that work with everyone’s schedules.

When a user is invited to a Calendar event, they can respond “Yes,” “No,” Maybe,” and now, “Propose a new time.” If calendar access permissions have been granted, guests can see the other attendees' availability side by side, so they can suggest a time that works for everyone. All that is done in order to cut down on the amount of work it takes to reshuffle a meeting.

“This allows for richer communication between attendees, reduces time spent on meeting practicalities, and makes meetings more productive with key stakeholders in attendance,” reads the company’s blog post. This new feature will also let users add a message if they choose to in order to give some context around the rescheduling.

The feature should be available for all web users of Google Calendar starting today but will take time until it will be available to mobile users, they will have to wait until Aug 13th.

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