5 Beach Hacks to Prepare You for an Awesome Spring Break Trip

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Going to the beach is one of the most relaxing experiences, but sometimes those small annoyances or extra items you need to bring along can entirely ruin the experience. Or maybe you love the beach but hate how the sand spreads – all over you and in your phone. With spring break upon us, here are five simple, cheap hacks to keep your beach time worry-free.

Cell Phone Tip

Leaving your cell phone behind is basically not an option – it’s communication, entertainment, music, etc. But what about all the sand that gets stuck in the crevices? And the possibility of water damage? All you need is a plastic sandwich bag. The touchscreen still works through the plastic, you’ll find that it stays untouched by water and sand!

 A Useful Beach Towel

You might be saying, “Duh, who wouldn’t bring a beach towel?” But we’re not talking about just any beach towel. This is something you can create on your own or buy ready-made, but a towel with pockets does wonders. First of all, it’s great storage space for things like your phone, books, glasses, etc., and second, the filled pockets weigh it down so that it doesn’t blow away!

 Take Baby Powder

Sand gets everywhere, and it’s pretty determined to stay everywhere, too. Most often, we rinse off one last time in the ocean before we leave the beach, but by the time you’ve gotten off the beach, you’re basically covered again. Two words: baby powder. It’s almost magical in its ability to remove the sand from your body!

Extra Storage

Once you’ve gone through the pills in a pill bottle, hold onto that bottle. It’s the perfect little container for rings, earrings, bracelets, hair ties, and other small trinkets you don’t want to expose to the sand and water. And it barely takes up any space in your beach bag.

Emergency Sunburn Relief

If you’re like me, sunburn is almost inevitable at the beach. And if you’re like me, you don’t always remember to take aloe vera with you on your trip. Well, this is just the trick for you. Spread plain cold yogurt on your sunburn, and let it sit for ten or so minutes. It will bring huge relief!