3 Funny Posts That Say ‘Clueless’ All Over Them

Well, no one ever said that ALL great minds think alike!  Couples are no exception when it comes to being on the same page at the same time. In an age of digital devices and high technology, some people just never really climbed on board.

Even the most successful relationships can have very funny moments that leave for more questions than answers. It’s a fact that all relationships have their ups and downs but if you can laugh it off, you are by far the better person!

The First Cut Is The Deepest

Ok, opening a package should not be a very difficult feat for anyone.  In this case, the most important step is to make sure you don’t cut into the package and slice off the cables!  When her husband brought home new cables for her, she wanted to use them right away and proceeded to cut into the packaging and ruining the cables all together!  I guess it’s back to the store!

Better Pad Up On Ya Knowledge, Pal.

We do believe there are certain items women should purchase on their own. This woman asked her husband to pick up a package of period pads. He came home with bladder leakage pads instead!  On the other hand, if the two have been living together for some time, he should have recognized the brand or at least the product, and just call to ask for the brand. It is 2018, mobile phones are around, you know?

Just One Drink. “Okay.”

Yep, this woman has obviously never poured a beer before and has no concept of foam! Her boyfriend asked her to pour him a cold one and this is what he got. I guess she was too busy to wait any longer because in a few seconds she would have noticed that the foam has disappeared.

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