5 Funny Tweets That Say ‘Clueless’ All Over Them

Well, no one ever said that ALL great minds think alike!  Couples are no exception when it comes to being on the same page at the same time. In an age of digital devices and high technology, some people just never really climbed on board.

Even the most successful relationships can have very funny moments that leave for more questions than answers. From looking up into the sky and asking if that’s Earth shining up there to confusing the sun with the moon!  It’s a fact that all relationships have their ups and downs but if you can laugh it off, you are by far the better person!

Organ “Donor”

When you’ve been brought up to believe that, if given the opportunity, the government will steal the gold right out of your mouth, it’s a little difficult to know where the line is drawn.  We’ve got to side with this guy, if for no other reason than his misunderstanding about organ donations.  He really did believe they could stop by one day and request an organ!  In self-defense, his lack of knowledge on the subject left him wanting to protect what is rightfully his!

Then Where Are You?

Some questions can be a little strange if the person asking is not familiar with a given subject but, in this case, it sounds like the girlfriend skipped her astronomy class in elementary school.  One night she gazed up into the sky, stared at a star, and asked her boyfriend if they were looking at planet Earth!  Well, if that’s the Earth, where the heck are the rest of us hanging out?

A Brown Cow

So, this woman goes for a walk, comes running back in a panic that she was being charged by an animal! Saying it looked like a cow but was black and white not brown, leaves us with several questions.  One, did she not learn anything about biology in school?  Two, did it ever dawn on her that just because it was not brown, it sure looked like a cow!  Lady, trust us – it’s a cow!

Plastic Love?

Ok, we realize some artificial plants look real but how many times would you water a plant and see the water just pouring through?  Well, Tweedledee and Tweedledum seem to be a perfect match!  Being told once would normally be enough, but three times?? Give me a break!

That Explains Why He Didn’t Pick Up

We all seem to take advantage of a world with cell phones that are at arm’s length.  This woman wanted to call her husband but overlooked one important fact.  He had told her he left his cell phone at home and asked her to bring it to him. Well, looks like she forgot the phone when she tried to call him.  We do applaud her for finding the humor in this faux pas and hopefully had a good laugh!

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