5 Times Stars and Others Were Wearing Hilarious T-Shirt Prints

We are showing off our goofy side and showing the world how hilarious we are. Our shirts do the job. Thumbs up if you would definitely wear a hilarious tee; and if you don’t, these ones would surely make you change your mind. Our shirts help to express your thoughts and personality in ways that actions and words cannot effectively do justice.

It might not always hit the mark, however, 90% of the time, the effort put it in is usually in alignment with the thoughts on the tees.

Whether worn by celebrities or regular people, funny t-shirts have edged their way into modern day life and they are definitely here to stay. Take a look at these clever, comical, and at times crass but definitely hilarious tees sported by these fine people.

Dreams Do Come True

Make a wish, and it just might just come true. This fan totally got her to wish when she met with Irish actor Andrew Scott who is well known for playing the character Jim Moriarty in the popular BBC series Sherlock alongside Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. That is one lucky shirt lady.

Hipster Jake

Haha! Jake Gyllenhaal really lightens some of the tension on homosexuals with his t-shirt. With all the campaigns and debates about the homosexual community, Jake seems to be reminiscing on his Gay cowboy role in Brokeback Mountain as his tee indicates, “I was a Gay cowboy before it was cool!”

You Heard The Man

With a Guinness World record as the most watched man on TV, a successful career as an Actor, singer, producer and businessman, David Hasselhoff was popularly known as The Hoff definitely shows us with his tee that his sense of humor doesn’t take the backseat either. Way to go, David! We like that you’re funny too!

True Beliebers

Their smiles kind of leave you wondering if their girlfriends put them up to it after a Beiber argument. Whether or not they are truly Beliebers, they seem to be preaching to the choir, because Beiber seems to be the Bae-toven of our time.

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