6 Great Candy-Free Halloween Treats Kids Love

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Although candy is a traditional way of greeting the trick-or-treaters that find their way to your door on Halloween, sometimes it is good to be a little bit different. Why not try some of these fun, spooky surprises that are 100% candy-free and give the kids a real treat this year.

Spooky Halloween-themed glow sticks

These will light up the kid's faces when they see these funky Halloween glow sticks. Instead of a straight stick, this pack of 12 lights comes in all sorts of spooky designs.

Choose from skulls, jack o' lanterns, stars, axes, tridents, and skulls! These amazing favors will have kids reaching away from the candy and picking up something different for the celebration.

Fearsome Stampers

These scary stampers are going to be a real hit this Halloween. The pack has lots of different spooky designs including ghosts, mummies, witches, pumpkins and lots more cool designs.

The ink used is not toxic and is fully washable so the kids can have fun stamping cards, art, and anything else that takes their fancy.

Traditional Play-Doh

Play-Doh always goes down well but these special Halloween colors are going to win the day. These are the treats that most parents will thank you for.

Less candy is always good, but these one-ounce containers come in a variety of Halloween-themed colors - orange, purple, green, black and white and can be used long after Halloween to keep the kids occupied.

Super-Cute Wind-up monsters

These monsters are completely adorable because let's face it, Halloween is not all about being scary!

These come in packs of 12 and include all the popular monsters like mummies, skeletons, vampires and a few other creepy items like fangs and eyeballs. They can even race against each other so the fun can keep going well into November.

Halloween pencils with giant erasers

Pencils and erasers make great treats plus they are useful for doing homework!

The packs contain 36 pencils in lots of spooky designs including bats, black cats, ghosts, witches and vampires. At around $13 for a pack of 36, they are not going to break the bank and kids will overlook the candy to get their hands on them.


Who doesn’t love those soft and completely smushy squishies? Certainly they are popular with kids and the Halloween versions will have everyone beating a path to your door.

As with regular squishies you squeeze them and then they slowly go back to their shape, but these are in spooky Halloween designs. They are also great to use as prizes if you organize any Halloween games.

These are the 6 non-candy Halloween treats we chose but there are many more out there to choose from. Not only do they mean less candy but it also helps kids with food allergies join in with all the fun. So this year why not get creative and take a look around for more great candy-free Halloween treats.