6 Ordinary People Who Hit Viral Stardom In 2018

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This time last year, you never heard of the eye-roll student or jumped out of a car to dance to a Drake song. However, people such as Harriet Ellis and comedian Shiggy have been part of 12 months filled with memes and viral content that has kept the public laughing all year.

Social media would have been a more somber place without them. For most of them, it was a brief moment in the spotlight, but for others, it led to a career boost. Here's how viral fame positively affected some of the biggest stars of social media in 2018.

The Student Who Rolled Her Eyes All The Way To Stardom

Harriet Ellis reportedly had marriage proposals, was spotted by fans in supermarkets, and even had a stranger offer to send her money (which she declined) after her fifteen minutes of fame. How did it happen, she was caught on camera rolling her eyes behind ex-UKIP leader Nigel Farage during a TV political debate.

"It was something that was genuinely, truly me and there's no better reason to go viral than by being yourself," she told BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat. "I wasn't being mean or doing anything embarrassing."

Harriet noted the only real change to her life was that she got more followers on Twitter. But the 21-year-old says her days of rolling her eyes at former politicians behind their backs are behind her as she heads in a new direction with her future. "I don't want to get involved in politics again, I want to live a quiet life. I'm going to be a teacher next year, I just want to change the world through teaching, rather than through politics."

The Singer Whose Ye Is Different To Your Ye

Warning: This video contains strong language


It's is nothing short of astonishing where one Instagram post can get you. For singer Osh, he somehow Instagrammed his way to a record deal with Sony Music. He posted a video of himself singing his track "My Ye Is Different", which later went viral and was even made into a meme.

"At the time I didn't imagine it would do what it's done," he told BBC Newsbeat. "But now that it has happened I'm not surprised because I realized that this song is good."

Osh later released a full version of his track - complete with a music video - at the end of November. The singer said he wanted people to "laugh and smile" when they heard the song, but he had no intention of stopping the hard work now that he'd found fame. "If it's meant to be then it will be but if not then not. Just keep grinding," he said.

The Tweet That May Have Changed Your Chips

Have you tried chips from KFC recently? If you have and were satisfied with the flavor, then Charlie Burness's tweet from 2014 might be responsible for it. KFC found Charlie's tweet - which said its fries were so bad, the only reason people liked its food was for its chicken - and cleverly used it to promote its new chip recipe.

"Life is too short for bad food," Charlie told BBC Newsbeat in November. "Everyone knows they've got a reputation for not delivering on the fries. They're kind of soggy like they've been reheated as soon as you get them."

KFC's new chips are nowadays made from spuds with the skin left on and are chunkier. In December Charlie said she'd actually not tasted the new ones yet.

The Club Couple Who Launched A Thousand Memes

Club photographers have an eye for capturing the best (and worst) of nightlife, however, when David Wilkinson took a photo of Lucia Gorman in Milk nightclub in Edinburgh she just looked a bit, well, bored. "When I took the picture, it was just a quick snap before I left to go home," he told BBC Newsbeat in September.

"I don't like just taking pictures of people smiling. I like to notice the little details, so when I saw it I thought this definitely needs to go up. The day that it blew up it was my birthday, but I actually got more messages about the picture than I did about my birthday so it was quite weird."

Lucia said she was most likely ready to go home when the photo was taken, by which point she would "nod at anything". And Patrick, the young man in the photo, said he just regretted wearing that shirt.

The Man Who Banged His Head And Became A UK Icon

Warning: This video contains strong language


Who'd have thought you could make thousands by from getting hit by a cyclist? Well, not everyone gets hit like Ferdi Coming Fast. Ferdi went viral after he growled at a stranger who crashed into him on a pavement while he was changing a tire on a car.

He reportedly confirmed to Reece Parkinson on 1Xtra that he'd earned more than £10,000 since the clip went viral - although he's still working as a framer. Ferdi even released a single in which he not only tackled the problem of speeding cyclists but also recommended people forget the other pressing British issue - Brexit.

The Comedian Who Danced His Way Into A Drake Video

Warning: This video contains strong language


Alright, we understand US comedian Shiggy isn't technically an ordinary person, however, we couldn't help but give him a shout out. Now cast your mind back to the summer of 2018 and you may recall people jumping out of their cars to dance to Drake's "In My Feelings".

Well, the viral sensation all started with Shiggy who posted a video of himself dancing to the Drake song and asked others to get involved. Soon, including Will Smith, took on the #InMyFeelingsChallenge and the craze went viral.

"It was honestly 100% spontaneous," he told BBC Newsbeat at the time. "It wasn't even meant to be this big or get to the level it's at where everybody is doing it."

Shiggy admitted seeing his mum do the dance he created was the highlight of the experience at the time. After the dance went viral, Shiggy eventually appeared in Drake's official video for the song.