70mph Down The Hill On a Longboard. Crazy!

The world of extreme sport is certainly an interesting venue to stand and watch for those who engage in it. For those who don’t partake in such activity, though, the people who are doing this can often seem like uncaged lunatics. To put yourself in all of that trouble and risk, the logic goes, is simply dangerous and encourages others to take the same reckless approach to life.

Now, while we’d be inclined to disagree with such a conservative outlook, this video is pretty nuts. Zak Maytum is a native to Boulder, Colorado, and is no stranger to facing up to danger and risky experiences. This one shows you how he takes his own madness and appreciation for taking risks in life to a whole new level, though.

Watch the video, and you’ll see an expert in longboarding take on some pretty nifty tricks as he flies down the slope. It’s a very interesting video to watch and should definitely give you a taster of the kind of experience that this was.

It’s a fun experience, and given that he ends up going faster than some cars as he picks up pace (rapidly), it shows you his immense control of the board to be able to control it and avoid any kind of incident. It’s a very interesting video and can also be a good showcase of just how much speed one can pick up when using a board of this style.

The adrenaline rush I got from even just watching this video was nuts. While I had full confidence that our hero would get to the end without a scratch, there were few moments during the video where I wasn’t watching through the cracks in my fingers!

It’s a very interesting ride and might also make a wonderful showcase to show how crazy skaters can be. While most people see it as a dull sport that isn’t very fast-paced, this can be the perfect showcase to show just how wrong that assumption is.

Watch this video and let us know if you have ever seen something so nuts. If you know anyone who reckons they are extreme, too, post this to them and let them see just how far they need to go to be up there with the wildest people in this world!




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