80's Kid Stars - Where Are They Now?

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Where have these 1980’s child actors been? You adored them back then, are they still adorable now? Stop asking and start discovering what these actors and actresses are doing now. Prepare to be pleasantly surprised or a bit sad. Some managed to go beyond their 15-minute glory while most decided to pursue a career path that had nothing to do with entertainment.

Think what you want, say what you want. These kids went through hell and deserve a break. Give them some attention, why don’t you?

Let's begin...

80’s Teen Idol Corey Feldman

Corey Feldman was the most popular and recognizable teen actor during the 1980’s. He was merely a toddler when he started in show business via a Mcdonald’s commercial. His first TV appearance was in the series “Bad News Bears”. But his role in the movie “The Goonies”, sealed his place in 80’s pop culture. He also starred in the hit movie “Stand By Me” as well as “The Lost Boys”.

He is currently trying his hand in music as a singer and is also attempting to expose Hollywood’s sinister pedophile ring.