A 6,000 foot Train Set Is The Newest Record Breaker

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Today, the world has become all about trying to do things better and grander than ever before. It’s part of human nature: to try and overcome what we have already achieved. While in technology the aim is to make things more efficient whilst taking up less room, some projects require a more open and grandiose frame of thinking. For example, have you ever come across the largest train set in the world? It’s massive.


Model trains, for example, are among some of the most impressive developments ever made. They are truly marvelous pieces of human architecture, creating miniature versions of the world that we presently inhabit. The Miniatur Wunderland, though, is something else entirely. A whopping 50,525ft large, this train set found in Hamburg, Germany, is the largest model train set ever made.

The length of the train set itself is actually large enough to get you to the top of Mount Everest - a whopping 6,000ft back down the other side!

A Wonderful Creation

This incredible feat of miniature engineering is a truly special experience. It takes up the size of eight miniature countries and is truly a feat of design and immersive detail. With over 2,000 figurines and 4,000 buildings as well as over 130,000 pieces of nature like trees, mountains, and rivers, this is the most realistic and authentic creation we have ever seen in a train set.

Indeed, over 11,000 moving cars move around the place, with its own airport and 60 planes which all take off and land. With over 1,300 trains, too, this is the kind of realistic recreation that is the perfect example of what life must look like from the sky.


So far, the experience has cost €21m, before the latest additions brought in here, and has held the record for the largest train set ever built since September 2015. With 50 computers running in the background to track and control ‘life’ in this amazing venue, it’s a truly special experience that is well worth looking into.

With over five years of fine-tuning going into the cars and planes, everything runs more or less autonomously. Speaking to the Guinness World Records website, the co-founder, Gerrit Braun, said: "As children, we played a lot with model train sets. Somehow this hobby just disappeared one day, but we still kept the passion. And then one day, we decided to create a miniature Germany and the largest model train set."


Indeed, the team created their own little adjudicator figurine who stands at the miniature version of the building itself. It’s a truly special little celebration and is a unique way to help show the world the true strength, quality and style of miniature engineering.

Well done to all involved!

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