A Guinness Record: The Worlds Largest Skateboard!

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As one of the most exciting and interesting urban sports around, skateboarding brings people from all backgrounds and personalities to the table. It’s a unique and exciting experience and one that makes it so easy for people to show off their skills and tricks without having to be super-fit. While it does require excellent fitness, balance and accuracy, it’s all about being able to hone the skills and make the most of the moment.

Known for their nimble nature and easy to manage style, skateboards appeal to many people. However, the worlds largest skateboard might just go a little bit over the top with regards to what you might be used to. The largest skateboard in the world is both an amazing feat of engineering, and a feat of physics!

Roughly 12.5x the size of a normal skateboard, this amazing new skateboard is a whopping 11.15m long and 2.64m wide. At around 1.10m tall, too, it takes quite a bit of effort to even board, nevermind drive!

Breaking the 2019 Guinness World Book of Records, this amazing skateboard was made thanks to the “Maker Movement” – a mentality that’s all about creating amazing DIY creations of immense style and unicity. A major part of this came from Joe Ciaglia, the Director over at California Skateparks. Working alongside Rob to help create his normal board in giant size, they used a whopping seven layers of wood to help form the deck, maintaining the shape and décor of the normal board while doing so.

A Feat Of Engineering

Taking around 10 weeks in total to build, they built it from scratch and sans any kind of instructions to follow along the way. Given the sheer size, the wheels had to be made using racing car tyres, and the board needed a steel frame to help make sure that it could support the gargantuan weight of the board.

Indeed, the board is already attracting plenty of attention from interesting parties. People have already come from South America and Asia to see it, showing already just how amazing the popularity of this record-breaking masterpiece has been!

Even the police love it! In fact, the boys explained: "One time in New York we were driving out of Time Square and a police officer pulled me over. I thought I had done something wrong and then he said 'can I get on your board?'. So he literally pulled me over to take a picture on the skateboard!"

While they’ve obviously had some issues with it – a 35mph collision when going down a hill in Pennsylvania to name one – it’s been well worth all the stress and effort to get it built. It’s been through some damage and needed some repairs already, but we’re sure that this 2019 record is going to stand for quite some time already!

Speaking as part of the Meet the Makers program, Joe said: "It was overwhelming . I had the biggest smile on my face. Me and Rob were doing handstands on top of it, we were so excited.

"Being a maker is amazing. Growing up in life I always looked forward to being a Guinness World Records title holder but not having the physical talent to pull something off has given me this great opportunity to be a maker.

It’s been fun. I would recommend anyone out there who has ideas to just try. Who knows you might by the next record holder."

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