A House That Looks Like a Floating Island

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Located in Greece above the Santorini Hills sits this incredible home.  Inside, it is a modern residence but from a distance it looks like a slice of land is levitating above the ground.

There is a living garden on the roof and because the lower levels are designed in the earth-like striations the house gives an almost mirage-like appearance in the landscape.

This house, created by Kapsimalis Architects sits in a vineyard overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and Fira, the capital of the island.  It completes its integration with the local landscape with a design reminiscent of the local caves.

Mirrored Earth

The look is created using tow levels: one mirrored, and one earthen.  The living area sits in the mirrored lower floor, along with the kitchen, bathroom and master bedroom.  The area has an almost subterranean feel because of the earthen level sitting above.

On this level you find an office and an attic and, of course, a terrace from which you can overlook the spectacular view.  The views are not limited to the upper level though, the architects cleverly used one-way mirroring to give stunning lower level views similarly impressive views across the local scenery.

The architects were heavily influenced by the diversity of the landscape and used that to inspire the design of the home.  They wanted the home to become integral to the scenery using specific materials combined with a mirrored level to fully assimilate the property into the natural environment.

The mixture of traditional aesthetics and modern, futuristic design has created a unique and outstanding dwelling.

The architects have created a number of other similar homes including hotels within hills, concrete homes and adaptations of Greek ruins.  All of their structures use the region’s natural shapes, textures and traditional architecture as a backdrop for their unique designs.