A New Type of Fitness: The Floating Gym that Uses Human Energy

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Out of the most interesting forms of group exercise, there is a new format of  fitness collaberation that has come to hit Paris' Seine Riverway. Architectural group Carlos Ratti Associati has come together to design this new form of exercise, and it is becoming a hit for those who love fitness worldwide. The boat itself is a sixty-five foot long vessel that holds an estimate of fourty people, enough to fill up a TRX class and a yoga class combined. The boat itself becomes powered by the energy of the people who are working out inside, and as they pedal and go on with their fitness, the boat continues to move throughout the Seine River.


It is absolutely interesting to see how this boat will work. Carlos Ratti, in an interview, has been quoted with passion:

“The Paris Navigating Gym investigates the potential of harnessing human power. It’s fascinating to see how the energy generated by a workout at the gym can actually help to propel a boat. It provides one with a tangible experience of what lies behind the often abstract notion of ‘electric power’."

The gym uses special equipment powered by a company called Technogym. The science behind the equipment is that it uses the power of the pedaling and converts the energy into electricity, thus using that electricity to power the boat. Of course when there's less people, the boat itself uses energy powered by solar panels which helps to save the environment.


The boat itself has not been launched to the public yet, however the public is anticipating a release date because the idea itself is fascinating. Think about it like this: There is now going to be a way to work in a group effort to move a boat while enjoying the benefits of fitness and the sites of Paris as well. This most definitely will defeat any TRX or Orange Theory class by far.