A Pop-Up Cabin That’s Actually Real? Check It Out!

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Do you ever hear about people who have ‘pop-up homes’? You no doubt raise your eyebrows with slight uncertainty. And you aren’t the only one. The idea of a pop-up home is usually reserved for things like video games, where you can place a building with a tap of the finger. But in real-life? Usually, building a strong and sturdy home would take a fair bit more planning and good work!

That being said, we live in a wonderful and exciting world. A pop-up cabin is a term that you might draw derision at, but when you see it actually in place it all becomes a lot easier to understand. If you were able to have a "home" delivered that essentially gets put together in a day, would you do it?

Yes, that includes the plumbing, electrics, air conditioning, etc. – everything is there that you would expect to see. Well, thanks to Italian mastermind Renato Vidal, this is completely possible.

This is an interesting way to get the idea of a flat-pack home. It will come together in just six hours, apparently, and they come built ready to handle even the strongest of earthquakes. So, if you want to build your own home but don’t have the time or means, then a home like this might just be what you are looking for!

Everything comes ready to be enjoyed. It’s like buying some flat-pack furniture from a store: it all arrives ready to go and to be enjoyed. It’s a ridiculous experience, really. All you need to do is populate it with the furniture that you want, and you will be left with more or less a fully home that is built entirely to the way that you would have wanted!

Getting a flat-pack home

Want to know more about this? Then check out M.A.Di, the company behind it. They build up the cabins without any foundations and then they place it for you on some level ground. However, it’s recommended that you get a concrete foundation put in place for the home to sit on prior to it being delivered.

If this something you would be genuinely interested in, we’d recommend speaking to the team behind it before you make a purchase.

It is, though, one of the smartest ideas we have ever seen when it comes to building a home. They can even be packed up and moved. Now, when you choose to move to a new town or neighborhood, you could literally pack your home onto the back of a truck and drive away!

It’s a little like the episode of The Simpsons when Springfield essentially has to move on. It is, though, crucially, a high-quality, respectable build quality that isn’t some gimmick. These are solid, structurally impressive homes that you could easily live in if you were looking to move home.

If you are serious about buying a new property you can take with you, be sure to look at M.A.Di cabins.