Against All Odds: Becoming a Morning Workout Person

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You may be a habitual abuser of the snooze button. Being late is a routine for you. Your kids aren’t very good in the morning, either. What hope do you have of becoming someone who wakes up in the morning and works out?

Read on for some tips to help you start your day with a workout, even if you aren’t a morning person.

The Rest of the Day Won’t Get Much Better

Once you leave your house and set off on your daily activities, the likelihood that you will run across the time to work out becomes less and less.  You are guaranteed to have an unexpected errand, end up working late, get stuck in traffic, or remember that you have obligations with the kids or friends. Your energy level at this point will be on “Empty.” Work out?  There’s always tomorrow.

Getting your workout done in the wee hours of the morning means that it’s far less likely that you will have obligations to fulfill. Making the switch means a far more reliable schedule for your workout.

Plan in Advance

You always tell your kids to lay out their school clothes the night before. Why? Because it’s one less thing for them to worry about as they stagger around getting ready for the day. Doing the same for your workout clothes gives you one less excuse to be late and miss your morning workout. Want to streamline even more? Sleep in your clothes.

Preprogram the coffee maker to brew your liquid gold before you wake up. Plan your workout routine in advance, from mapping the exact route you will take for your jog to writing down the machines you’ll be hitting at the gym. A plan keeps you focused so you can have a productive workout.

Dress Somewhere Quiet

Get ready quietly so that you aren’t waking kids or your spouse. Waking the family will only lead to distractions, so find a quiet spot to get ready for your early morning workout.

Aim for Gradual Changes

Every day, set your alarm for just a little earlier, say ten to twenty minutes. When you reach the point where you can fit your workout in, congratulations! It’s time for the next step. Any change to your sleeping patterns should be done gradually so that you can get used to it.

Start going to bed earlier, too, to combat the earlier wake-up time. Try to be in bed by 10 pm.

Find Your Early Morning Soulmate

Making a commitment to meet up in the morning with a likeminded individual means that you will be less likely to skip it. An early morning workout friend will help you stay committed and accountable.

Snooze is Not Your Friend

Don’t hit snooze.  Like, ever. Snooze bars may give you an extra ten minutes, but it isn’t quality sleep and won’t do you an ounce of good in the bigger picture. Snooze bars will only ensure that you waste enough time to skip the workout.

High on Endorphins

Once you start to exercise every morning, your endorphins will be as important to you as your coffee. It’s pretty cool to know that you have accomplished more before breakfast than some people do all day long. Early morning workouts set your tone for the whole day, leaving you energized, relaxed and ready. More importantly, you don’t have the same guilt you have when your day gets too busy to fit in your workout.

Stick with the Program

The first few days you wake up earlier to workout are going to be hard. It gets gradually easier, though, and the average for forming a new habit is three weeks. If you don’t meet your goal every morning, you will be far less likely to make a lasting change.  Stick to your new plan every day, and it will become second nature to you.