Alcatraz AI is Building Face ID for Corporate Badges

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Ever experience the frustration of heading out of work for lunch and getting back to the office just in time to only realize that you left your badge upstairs on your desk? Now, you’re late and stuck waiting downstairs for one of your co-workers to be gracious enough to bring your badge down to you so that you can get back in.

Meanwhile, your boss is none too happy with you. And perhaps this is your third or fourth strike!

Well, it’s time you met Alcatraz AI, a start-up that wants to replace all the badge readers in your office with a Face ID-like camera system. With Alcatraz, any of the multiple sensors have the capability to identify faces and unlock doors effortlessly.

High-security buildings have made fingerprints and iris scanners a regular commodity, but your everyday business would end up with traffic jams at the door if they started using a fingerprint system. On top of all that, every time a new employee is hired, their biometric information would have to be added to the system.

This process would be tedious, especially for large companies with lots of employees.

Facial Authentication

However, with Alcatraz AI, facial authentication guarantees a quick, painless process. You begin with a badge, like the one you have now, but after you’ve used it a few times, Alcatraz Al has scanned your face enough to form a model. From then on, you can always leave your badge on your desk – or at home, for that matter –, and simple facial recognition will get you in the door.

Alcatraz Al has built custom hardware with three different sensors that include both traditional RGB sensors and infrared sensors for 3D mapping which they would install. Once everything is set and running, companies only need to pay an annual fee to continue using the platform.

Alcatraz AI can even detect tailgating – that is, someone trying to get in somewhere secure by following in an authorized person. It gives customers analytics and real-time notifications.

Overall, the process is much simpler and easier, and the ongoing license cost should be the same as what your company previously used to pay guards. The start-up has raised nearly $6 million already from Hardware Club, Ray Stata, JCI Ventures, Ruvento Ventures, and Hemi Ventures.