Amazing Dog Survives Ballast of Bullets

Dogs are truly amazing creatures, and they often do many things to surprise us and show us they are more than just mere animals. Recently, though, one story really caught the eye. It came from Animals Lebanon, where a volunteer there, Amal Andari, was out and about with a friend taking a drive. They came across a poor dog that was walking around the road, looking lost and uncertain.

They went to see what was up with the dog – and soon noticed with immediate horror that the dog had been shot. Speaking to The Dodo, Andari was clear about what was seen: “We saw a hole in her head.

“We stopped and walked down to her. She was a little bit fearful, but we called her, and she came, and she was wagging her tail. She approached us, but slowly, and we gave her some water,” Andari added.

Speaking to a local man about what may have been the cause of such an injury, he was unsure, saying “maybe a dog attacked her.”

Immediately, they took the dog with them to a local veterinarian, where it was checked out. It turns out that the little puppy, only 2 months old, had been SHOT over a dozen times. Small pellets were found all over its body during the x-ray; only look if you can handle seeing such barbarity to animals.

Alongside the damage that was done to her physically, she was also suffering from parvovirus; in some cases, a deadly condition.

“There were so many pellets. We think that a bunch of teenagers had ‘fun’ shooting her,” Andari said.

Sadly, this isn’t uncommon in Lebanon. The abuse of dogs via violence and even poisoning is commonplace in the country. Before long, the little dog was on the mind – at first, though, there was not much hope. Andari’s friend decided to be the one to take responsibility of caring for the dog and nursing it back to health.

“She’s hyperactive. She always wants to play. She plays with two small dogs, and the dogs are sometimes annoyed by her because she has a lot of energy. She’s unbelievable — this dog,” Andari said. “She has an appetite for life. She wanted to live – I believe that.”

Fantastically, she appears to have made a full recovery and now lives with her friend in, what we hope, is peace and comfort. Such horrible acts simply cannot be treated with any other than the utter contempt that they deserve.