Amazing Parkour Performance – Real-Life Spiderman Ronnie Shalvis

Just with hiring Ronnie Shalvis and his team, movie studios would save lots of money. With him, they needn’t worry about millions of CGI and special effects. Inspired by The Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie, professional free runner and parkour trainer Ronnie Shalvis, decided to force his limits to act like real-life Spiderman. As you can see from below video, result is epic! if you ever wondered what Spider-Man would be like if he lost his ability to throw webs, you will have some idea now.

Check out the video below. Also don’t miss behind the scenes footage. I don’t think i should warn you about not to try these tricks yourself unless you are Ronnie Shalvis or real Spiderman…
The Amazing Spider-Man Parkour

Directed By: Cameron Manwaring and Chris Jordan
Behind The Scenes – The Amazing Spider-Man Parkour in 4K

Via: Ronnie Shalvis Official Website
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