Amazing Tattoo Works of Art

Deciding to get a tattoo is no small decision. After all, it is something that will most probably last a lifetime. Some people do not give a second thought to what they have inked, others plan ahead. Some famous football players tattoo lots of symbols, religious or otherwise, on their body to have lady luck on their side.

But then there are those people who truly turn their bodies into a canvas and have some seriously beautiful, breath-taking and interesting tattoos that will make you take a second and say ‘wow!’.

Here Kitty Kitty

I personally am not amongst the cat lovers in the world, but even I can appreciate the beauty of this tattoo. Apparently, the trend of cute kittens has not only taken over YouTube, but the inking world as well! This watercolor tattoo is also an idea for all those who are seeking a tattoo which is cute, clean and friendly.


It feels like we’ve stepped 100 years into the future when looking at the optical illusion that this tattoo has created. The realistic 3D bionic ink has turned this guy into a half-robot!

Don’t stop here… there’s more!