American Football Field: The Perfect Place to Die?

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A “perfect place to die”- this was New York Jets Jamal Adams’ response when he was asked about CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy) during an event this Monday. And although his passion for the American pastime is clear, if you were to take his words literally, it seems football players may actually need to have a death wish in order to continue with a passion for their sport.


Dr. Bennet Omalu Dr. Bennet Omalu

When Nigerian born Bennet Omalu first discovered the link between CTE, a degenerative brain disease, and American football all the way back in 2006, he was dismissed by the NFL as scientifically invalid. However, as the years went by this clear-cut connection between concussions sustained during football and CTE is no longer deniable. Only last week a new study conducted by medical journal JAMA came out with disturbing results. In 2015 a movie called "Concussion" starring Will Smith was produced.

The study included the researching of 202 brains from deceased former football players. The investigation showed that an overwhelming 99 percent (110 out of 111) of former NFL players were diagnosed with a degenerative brain disease and 87 percent of players showed CTE. These alarmingly high numbers seem to scream out to those in power to make some drastic changes to this lovely American patriotic game which may, very unpatriotically, be causing irreversible damage to many of its players.

Players Are Showing Concern

Jamal Adams Jamal Adams

While some, like Jamal Adams seem kind of at peace with the sacrifice, there are always two sides to the coin. NFL player Martellus Bennet, hours after he heard about Jamal’s response to the CTE question, voiced his opinion through a series of tweets.

He continued, “Look football is great but I ain’t dying for this s—t. lo,”. Seems not all players are at piece with sacrificing for the game. Another person who was not impressed with Jamal’s response to CTE concerns was the ex-wife of the late Steerlers offensive lineman Justin Strzelczyk who was diagnosed with CTE after his death. Ex-wife Keana MacMahon who divorced Strzelczyk just nine months before he drove his pickup truck into oncoming traffic stated regarding Jamal’s comments "I don't even know what to say. This guy (Adams) doesn't know what's coming down the pipeline,".

Clearly, as CTE studies continue and the results continue to point out the connection between seemingly harmless football field tackles, and a very harmful disease that causes depression, paranoia, rage and possible early death, changes will have to be implemented or Football players will be forced to truly question whether the field is in fact the perfect place to die.