Android P: What’s the Story?

Android 9.0 public beta now underway

With the Android 9.0 public beta now underway, it’s going to be very interesting to see what the public make of it. With the major release expected to be in August 2018, the public is testing it out under the Popsicle name, and it’s sure to be very interesting. Reportedly making ‘hundreds’ of improvements, some of the most significant changes have already been noted. Some of them include:

  • A new and improved adaptive battery, which is very important. We use a lot of apps but more or less never use other apps; this will look to utilize smarter battery management to avoid waste.
  • Better brightness, too. With an ambient lighting solution that will make background adjustments per your personal needs, this should make it easier to see things regardless of weather.
  • Predictive application actions. Maybe a bit Big Brother for some people, but it’s another positive step forward for machine learning, recommending what your next action may be.

One of the best features, though, is that of Slicing. Slicing allows you to take a portion of an app and drop it right into Google. This could, for example, make everything from buying cinema tickets to ordering a taxi so much faster and simple.

A lot of the new features are built with navigation and simplicity in mind. This means users will get to enjoy a new navigation system, which is going to be much more minimalistic than previously. It’s easy to swipe up, down, left and right to find all manner of different app options, predictions and more. It’s awesome!

The new Android Dashboard is a nice touch, too. This is very impressive and will help you to better manage your phone usage habits. It will give you more facts on phone unlock volumes, notifications received and the number of apps used. Useless analytics for some, but an interesting inspection of our own personal enjoyment of technology, too!

Can I Get ‘Popsicle’ Now?

You can indeed – all you need to do is enroll for the new Android Beta Programme and you can get started. It’s available on a lot of phones, with most of the Pixel range, Sony Xperia range, and Xiaomi MI Mix 2S all available. Following on from the likes of Donut, Éclair, Honeycomb, Marshmallow and then Oreo, Android has always had some quirky and funny names for their newest release. Popsicle is simply the latest in the food-themed names that they give out to Android.

Of course, some rumors say that the P stands for Pistachio Ice Cream. I’m sure that we’ll find out as time goes on, but at the moment that sounds a little … wild.

However, please note that some older models won’t get updated to Android 9.0, while others might take into some stage in 2019 before it’s fully updated. It’s going to take a while, but keep in mind that some devices still run on the old Version 2.3.3, Gingerbread, so there’s nothing to say that every device will be compatible.

Stay tuned for more info!

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