Another 'War of the Worlds' Remake?!

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As the world seems to have run out of ideas in entertainment, politics, and economics, are you really surprised?

That’s right: War of the Worlds is getting another remake. The old-school classic is about to get a new generation facelift to try and capture another generation entirely. However, it would appear that what was once just a quiet rumor appears to be picking up the pace – and big names along the way. Indeed, it would appear that Greg Kinnear is going to take part in the new remake.

Developed by Canal Plus and by Fox, too, this sounds like it might actually be decent. The actor will be getting brought in after some impressive roles in the likes of House of Cards and Little Miss Sunshine, but probably mostly based on the strength of his Oscar-nominated role in As Good as it Gets. He’s a very impressive actor, and it sounds like his wonderful resume might just land him a major role in a massive reboot that’s sure to rake in the monies.

Interestingly, it sounds like the remake is going to be told across an eight-part series instead of a conventional movie remake. This obviously has people quite interested, especially as it’s got a successful name in Merlin creator Howard Overman involved. It’s going to take place in a modernized America, so we can expect some subtle yet significant changes.

Overman, though, appears determined to impress both new fans as well as any lovers of the old classic. Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, he stated: “I look forward to bringing our bold, fresh and relatable version, inspired by this much-loved story to a new audience,”

More of the same?

Interestingly, the BBC also have a three-part remake of the old-school H.G. Wells novel coming out, too. This is going to involve a few notable names, namely Robert Carlyle. As impressive an actor as Scotland has produced, he would make an excellent addition to any remake of this classic tale. Fans, though, might be a touch worried that this excellent book is going to get a touch overly saturated.

Indeed, in 2005 alone we saw three versions of this appear in media format. 2012 seen a sequel and a loose adaption. For the first time in six years, though, we’re going to get what feels like a generation mass-repeat of a wonderful book.

It might all be a bit much, but with each version having its own star actors involved, we might just get the best versions yet.

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