Apple Introduces Its Own Credit Card

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Apple Inc. is driven to do more and more to create more users and to make its users happier. The company is continually advancing and introducing newer technology, and now they’ve announced they’ll be releasing their very own credit card in partnership with Goldman Sachs and Mastercard.

Integrating the Apple Card will be especially useful for those who have already made it a habit to use the Wallet app and Apple Pay. According to Tim Cook, Apple CEO, Apple Pay will reach 10 billion transactions this year and will be available in over 40 countries by the year’s end.

Over 70 percent of American businesses accept Apple Pay, and more are being added to that number daily while countries like Australia are already at 99 percent acceptance.

Signing up for the Apple Card is simple; all you have to do is sign up from your iPhone, and within a few minutes, you’ll be able to use it with Apple Pay. You’ll have complete control over the card from your Wallet app.

If you want to see you credit card bill, your recent transactions, or keep track of your spending, you just tap the card, and all the information is at your fingertips. You can even see where you spent the money. When you tap a transaction, the location shows up in a miniature Apple Map.

Go Titanium

You’ll also get a hard, titanium card along with the virtual one with a laser-etched name, but there’s no card number, no CVV code, no expiration date, and no signature on the card. All of that information can only be found on the Wallet app, and each device will have a different credit card number.

Every transaction gives you an instant 2 percent cash back, and with Apple purchases, it’s 3 percent! Physical transactions, however, are only eligible for 1 percent cash back. The cash back is credited to your account daily instead of at the end of the month.

All of your private information is guaranteed to be secure; in fact, Apple won’t even be able to see what you bought, where you bought it, or what you paid for it. Goldman Sachs agrees not to sell your data for advertising or marketing.

What makes this card even more unique than it already is is that you will have no late fees, no annual fees, no international fees, and no over-limit fees. You can easily set up a monthly plan to pay off your balance if you aren’t able to, and customer support is always at your fingertips via text messages through the Messages app.

Apple says the card will be available to customers in the U.S. this summer.