Apple Introduces: the New Memoji

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Talk about giving its users something new to play with, we are expecting new emojis. According to the reports, users of Apple products will soon have more emojis to make their communication even more fun. We are expecting not 10 but 70 new emojis.

This is to mark the World emoji day which is usually an exciting day in the tech world. We already know Amazon has planned its Prime day. If you have an iPhone or iPad, you can start using the new emojis with the latest update. Let me leak a secret; you can expect some exciting hairstyles and options such as red, gray, bald or blonde.

It seems there is always a demand for emojis; we can already guess that the redheads and curly hairstyles will be the most popular choices among the new emojis.

What’s more, we are also expecting some new real looking animals to be added to the emojis. It has been gathered that a parrot, lobster, kangaroo, and a peacock have been selected; other new emojis are the freezing face which will be viral during winter and the fruits such as mangos and lettuce.

Do you love cakes? Let others know what you are craving with the new cupcake and mooncake emojis. The world emoji standard is managed by the Unicode consortium; they are a non-profit company who vet these additions. There is a master list provided by the Unicode consortium and the companies such as Apple can choose which emojis they want to be featured on their devices.

Apple's CEO Tim Cook

On the master list, there have also been some corrections. The illustrations of some emojis have passed a wrong message and are mostly misunderstood. These errors were pointed out, they include the beer emoji which shows foam on the can, and it was often misplaced by Google and has been corrected in this new rollout.

Also, the hamburger emoji has been redone. In the review, the ingredients formerly seen ‘peeking’ out from the hamburger have been changed. Emojis have made it easier to express feelings and emotions via the internet. Text messages can be understood better when an emoji has been added to convey the intended tone. They make our texts seem more human rather than some content was written by the smart assistants who can also be used to send text and instant messages.

We are delighted to start using some of the expected emojis in our emails. Let’s have a laugh, brighten up someone’s day by sending a fun light-hearted emoji to take some stress of the job.

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