Are You Brave Enough for The Scary Clown Motel?

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Are you suffering from coulrophobia? If your answer is yes, you should probably skip this text. If you do not know that this word describes someone who has fear of clowns, read the story of The Clown Motel from Nevada.

Although the name of hotel may sound to you like a scary book by Stephen King or just another horror movie, this is a real place, located in Tonopah, Nevada. This former mining town has convenient inn for truckers, bikers and other travelers traveling long road. But, this is not a really good place for you if you fear clowns. The first ones are located outside the motel, and it is pretty easy to guess what is expecting you. Other clowns will be waiting you inside- in the lobby there is a human- sized clown in a chair, holding in his lap- yes, you guessed it- a clown. The front office also has numerous shelves filled with clowns (it is estimated that there are over 500 of them!), but that is not all. Every room in this motel is clown- themed, with portraits of famous clowns on doors and walls.

And, if this all is not scary enough, the location of Old Tonopah Cemetery will contribute to atmosphere of creepiness. It is located just beside the motel, giving this location a perfect spot for restless night.

Tonopah currently has population of about 2,500 people, but in the previous century, this was a perspective city with population of about 50,000, mainly miners. Actually, Tonopah was considered second richest strike of silver in Nevada. The cemetery was founded in 1901, and in following years, around 300 people were buried here. Their graves were marker with wooden crosses, and tin signs contain their names. Beside miners, among buried people there are town citizens who died in plague in 1902, and miners who died in 1911, in fire inside the mine. Today, there is a wooden fence surrounding the graveyard… and all of this can be seen from room of The Clown Motel.

Although you may expect stories about strange events, there are no evidences of such activities. In the online world, this motel is characterized as “eccentric, offering free Internet and mini breakfast”. Yet, many guests make request for staff to remove or cover clown paintings in rooms.

When The Clown Motel became famous on the Internet, people decided to go to Tonopah in order to spend the night there. The entire story brought to this location the title of “America’s scariest motel”. As expected, this motel attracts mainly young people expecting something supernatural and scary. However, Bob and Deborah Perchetti, owners of motel for over 20 years, state that this is a family oriented place, and that they are always pleased to receive feedback from their customers. Bob also said the title brought much publicity, and he believes that this is good for his business.

So, The Clown Motel might just be the perfect place for rest between Las Vegas and Reno…if you are brave enough to stay here!