Are You Left-Handed? You Should Read This

There are more right-handed people in the world. It is normal to see these people writing or performing normal actions using their right hand. On the other hand, a small group of people perform these regular things with their left hands. I am sure many people had at least one left-handed person in their class at school.

Do you remember how they couldn’t use tools such as the scissors? While left-handed people may face some challenges, there have been some remarkable artists who are left-handed. I also noticed many of them have excellent handwriting.

I found the following attributes that are peculiar to left-handed people.

Natural leadership instinct

It can also be observed that many left-handed people have a natural capacity to lead other people. And they do this effortlessly because it comes naturally. Some of the notable leaders in the UK, and the United States were left-handed. For example, Prince Charles and Prince Williams are left handed. Queen Elizabeth II was left-handed, and other past leaders such as George Bush, Barrack Obama, and Bill Clinton.

Twins are most likely left-handed

Did you know that a high percentage of twins turn out to be left-handed? The statistics show that it is either the two individuals are left-handed or only one of them. On the other hand, most babies from single births are right-handed.

Lefties are temperamental

Unfortunately, left-handed people are also known to be very impatient and quick-tempered. An explanation has been presented for this trend. The two hemispheres of a left-handed individual’s brain are frequently in communication. This means the parts of the brain that processes logical reasoning is conflicted by the right hemisphere that is in control of emotions. This is responsible for their quick temper.

Left-handed people have high IQ

So many studies have suggested that this is true. Left-handed people show more proficiency in the arts, math, logical reasoning, and spatial awareness. The general trends according to scientific reports show that left-handed people tend to have IQ’s higher than 140, which is the standard for being regarded as a genius. Some popular left-handed geniuses we know include Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, Charles Darwin, Isaac Newton, among others.

Physical strength and agility

While right-handed people rely on the only one part of their body to perform actions, left-handed people can easily adjust in different situations exhibiting more agility. They also tend to have stronger arms. This is because the left-handed individual develops both the right and left parts of their body during their lifetime.

Left-handed people can detect sounds better

The peculiar orientation of the brain in left-handed people has been identified as the reason they have better hearing capacities. These individuals can hear changes in tones, sounds, and pitch better than others. In the human brain, the right hemisphere is responsible for hearing. Left-handed people use the right part of their brains more frequently than the left side. This enhances its functions, subsequently improving hearing and sound detection.

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