Area 51 is Back in the Limelight

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Over the past couple of months, UFO followers have gone absolutely nuts! They are flocking to the Nevada desert that is close by the famous, secretive US Air Force military base after a joke was posted on Facebook sometime back this year.

Over two million people said they would attend the event and race through the base to find these “so-called” aliens!  It seems more and more people are not using common sense!

Recently, the organizers of this event decided to cancel for fear of safety, worrying this could turn into another Fyre Festival.  The Fyre Festival was a fraudulent luxury music festival created to promote the company's app for booking music talent.

Canceled? Who Cares!

Even with the cancellation, people have flocked to small towns like Rachel, NV with a population of 54 residences.  Their sole intent is to meet up with other alien hunters.  To the insane, one fan performed the perfect Naruto run, passing a live news broadcast at the scene.

Should you not know, a Naruto run is performed by leaning forward with your arms stretched out behind you while running!

Area 51 is a military site that is closed off to the public and has been rumored to have evidence of alien contacts.  Shortly after the event gained momentum, the US Air Force issued a very strong warning that people should stay away as this is a training site for American armed soldiers.

A spokesperson for the US Air Force, which I paraphrase, said they are always ready to stand by protecting America and her assets but this recent lure of the conspiracy theory has obviously made the place difficult to resist.

This phenomenon is based on a blend of interests in aliens and swirling government conspiracies, wanting to know something no one knows.

Residents of Rachel have been preparing for the influx of people from around the US as well as other places.  They are installing outdoor floodlights, fencing, and “No Trespassing” signs.  They have organized a radio-equipped neighborhood night-watch fearing there will not be enough food, water, garbage containers, or even toilets to support this mad dash.

There is also a fear that people will flock into the desert with absolutely no knowledge about the climate conditions which during the night hours can drop below 5°C.  People are arriving in shorts and flip-flops and will probably come face-to-face with snakes, scorpions, and other creatures.

Officials are concerned about people becoming angry when they don't find what they are looking for and cell phone service will become overwhelmed.  Visitors will not find a gas station closer than 45 miles away!

In a nutshell, people will not find what they are hoping for and even though the creators on Facebook called the whole event a fraud, it doesn't seem to be stopping people from invading this area and potentially putting themselves in harm's way.

Quite honestly, people, this conspiracy theory has been around since the 50s when people were worried about Nuclear weapons and there is absolutely no proof of aliens living in Nevada.