Artist Creates Stunning Depiction of Depression

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Without doubt, depression is one of the biggest topic of the 21st century. No longer seen as something that we merely use for attention, mental health is quickly becoming a major topic in the modern world. And rightfully so. However, the challenge with mental health discussion can come from making the right kind of emotive impact on the person listening.

Words, often, can’t penetrate to the level expected. This is why experts like Dawid Planeta, a Polish artist, is so useful for talking about depression. The artist and graphical designer takes the role of powerful, gigantic spirit animals to help showcase the enormity of depression.

His latest work, Mini People in the Jungle, is an exceptional visual showcase of his own journey through depression. He describes it as “a story of a man descending into “darkness and chaos in search of himself.”

Throughout each piece, a small human figure appears as the protagonist. Wandering through a litany of stunning, fog-filled locations, each image shows him facing off against some other form of enormous animal: the eyes of the animal always standing out the most, illuminating the entire image.

A significant undertaking

According to Planeta, they help him to find his way, saying: “When he knows who he is, he goes there again, this time without fear. He goes there because it’s a part of who he is. It’s a part of human nature you can’t ignore. You need to know all parts of life, dark and bright.”

Like most artists, Planeta is very candid about his own feelings. Speaking about the experience to My Modern Met, Planeta said: “Depression—it’s not easy to deal with, but when you try, you can stop thinking about it as a weakness and turn it into something brilliant,

“That’s what I aim to accomplish with my art. Things I'm trying to depict are dark, mysterious and frightening, but if you look closely, you will find excitement, passion and joy. Just open your mind and see.”

The imagery is quite special, with some of our favorites from the special piece including:

  1. This stunning oxen, standing out among the fog with its eyes guiding the path to progress, and potential salvation.
  2. Standing underneath a massive goat-like creature, the figure stands with his arms wide-open, ready to face the challenge.
  3. The stunning, mountain-like turtle, offering guidance and protection – one of the few animals to appear with its eyes dimmed.
  4. The rhino provided extra light for the torch, helping the man find his pathway to whatever it is he is searching for.

Want to see more? Be sure to check out the amazing Behance profile that Dawid runs. He has some amazing shots from his collection, with each one making it so easy to see the unique power of art when it comes to facing off against depression.

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